FNF Vs Spong Full Week

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Funkin Friday Vs Spong Full WeekToday we offer you a brand new game called FNF Vs Spong Full Week in which Spongebob is your rival for the whole week and you can fight him in four custom songs.

Can you and your friend beat SpongeBob in a rhythm match?

Well, we hope that you will try to achieve this whether you play in story mode or free play mode, since how you do it is entirely up to you. The goal is to get to the end of these four songs and if the progress bar is in your favor, you win.

When you see the arrow symbols above BF's head match, press the same ones on your keyboard to play the songs' notes, but be careful not to miss too many of the notes in a row or you'll lose the game . Much luck!



Funkin Firiday



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