Real Aircraft Parkour 3D

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If you want to fly then go to the training ground in Real Aircraft Parkour 3D game where air parkour competitions are just starting. The available plane is now on the runway and all you have to do is pull up the lever on the right to get it in the air. Next, adjust the flight with the arrows on the left: up or down. Follow the elevation scale, which is also on the left. Above you can see the task and in particular it determines the flight altitude limit, do not exceed it. The landscape is mountainous, don't get stuck on the mountain and then you have to overcome special obstacles to complete the tasks in Real Aircraft Parkour 3D.

This is a pass game the first few pass operation is simple the player pulls the engine to the highest through the end can win In Hard mode the player needs to press WASD on the keyboard to control the direction of the plane and ensure that the plane r





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