Red Ball 6 unblocked

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From the starting point of the track, you embark on a journey with the red ball. You earn points by collecting the stars suspended in the air on each track. You have to complete the level by getting the key hidden in the most difficult part of the track.

In our adventure this time, we are trying to help our red ball trying to reach the exit door. The red ball goes on a long journey consisting of episodes in order to reach the lover with whom he will fall in love. During the journey, he needs to hide from his bad character square enemies. Since you see the square boxes, you have to continue on your way by jumping over them. Or you can earn points by jumping on them and destroying them. Keep playing the game of red ball 6 by overcoming the obstacles and trying to reach the exit door at the end of the track. If you get caught in the traps and squares before you reach the exit door, or if you fall down the gaps, you get burned. When you burn, you have to start over in the same section. Reunite with your lover by completing each chapter carefully and completing all chapters.



3D Action Adventure Classics Shooting



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