skiing fred

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Fred wants to ride on the snowy plains and asks you to accompany him through the area where obstacles keep appearing that prevent easy skiing. It turns out that the mysterious skeleton in the hood hurts the hero and doesn't want him to travel through his territory. Regardless of the difficulties encountered along the way, climb as far as you can.

Before embarking on your adventure, check out the shop for a variety of upgrades. First of all, of course, you have to save a lot of money. To do this, move to a place full of obstacles. Large snowdrifts act as obstacles that should be jumped over in time with a skateboard. For each trick you get an additional number of points, added to the total value of the points. Try not to crash into walls, traps like equipment with spinning spikes. Shoot the penguins from the road for a bonus. Pick up coins and chests which are the main source of capital accumulation.



3D Action Adventure Arcade Board Boys



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