Huggie & Kissy The magic temple

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The monster Huggy Waggi and his friend Kissy Missy have infiltrated the magical temple. Our heroes want to find ancient artifacts and treasures hidden in the temple. You in the game Huggie & Kissy The Magic Temple will help them in this adventure. Both of your characters will be visible in front of you on the screen. Using the control keys, you will control the actions of both heroes. They will have to move forward under your leadership. On their way there will be various obstacles and traps that both monsters will have to overcome. On the way, they will have to collect various kinds of items and keys with which your heroes in the game Huggie & Kissy The Magic Temple will be able to open the door leading to the next level of the game.

PC controls:
X to change player, WASD to move and jump
Mobile and Tablet controls:
Tap the buttons to switch players, move and jump


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