Subway Surfers

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Welcome to the Subway Surfers game, which we can definitely recommend to spend your free time! This fun production, which you can enter by clicking anywhere on the screen with the left mouse button, is played with the W-A-S-D keys. By pressing the W key, our character jumps, and with the S it rolls on the ground. Our main goal is to collect the gold coins and overcome the obstacles before we get caught by the police running after us, and not to crash into the trains while doing these. We can say that the game, in which you will go down to the underground or the subway floor from time to time, is very exciting. If you play Pürcare, it's easy to collect thousands of gold coins without ever getting into an accident and getting caught by the police. It is in the hands of Subway Surfers players to upgrade the existing standard hoverboard model and turn it into a faster and higher quality one with the gold earned.



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