Hunter Hitman

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Hunter Hitman is an exciting web-based game that puts players in the shoes of a highly skilled soldier who acts as an assassin tasked with eliminating a series of dangerous targets. The game offers exciting action and intense gameplay as the player must use strategic thinking and quick reflexes to eliminate each target without being detected.

The game begins with a short tutorial that walks players through the basics of movement, aiming, and combat. Once the tutorial is complete, the player will be given a series of increasingly difficult missions to complete, each with their own objectives and challenges.

A player has to eliminate all targets in each mission within shortest time to get combo and earn coins to unlock different character skins. As soon as a player matches 3 identical cards, he can improve his character.

One of Hunter Hitman's most unique features is its advanced AI, which allows the game's targets to behave in realistic and unpredictable ways. This means that players have to adapt to every situation and use their wits to overcome unexpected challenges.

Overall, Hunter Hitman is an addicting and challenging game that will keep players engaged. With its intense action, exciting gameplay and advanced AI, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience.

Sneak up on your enemies and eliminate them all.


Arcade Action




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