Spider Swing Manhattan

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Spider Swing Manhattan is a cool skill game in which you swing from house to house like Spiderman for as long as possible.

Emulate Peter Parker and show that you can swing like the Marvel Comics hero with great skill through the dangerous urban jungle. Use your handy spider threads and throw them out with the mouse or by tapping and hold on to the blue breakpoints on the buildings. You can keep swinging by releasing the mouse button or the screen. New York is also a particularly cool city with lots of big houses that just beg you to fly between them. But be careful, you should avoid obstacles such as air conditioning or fire escapes.

Fly a longer distance through the air with momentum and cover as many meters as possible at once to set a new distance record. How many meters do you think you can manage in Spider Swing Manhattan? If you don't get that far at the beginning, there are endless games open to you to train and develop your superhero skills.

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Shoot webs and swing through the city.


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