Last Zombie Defense

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The popular online strategy game Last Zombie Defense tasks players with fending off waves of zombies as they attempt to overrun their fortress.
As a whole, Last Zombie Defense is a great strategy game that tests your reflexes, planning skills, and quick thinking. You can become a competent defender against the oncoming zombie horde with enough time and effort put into perfecting your gameplay.

Defenses are your first priority, so make the most of the limited resources you have at the start of the game by constructing them quickly. If you want to stop the zombies from getting through, you'll need to set up barricades, traps, and other obstacles in their path.
You'll have to hold off waves of increasingly powerful and numerous zombies as you try to defend yourself from them. Your weapons and defenses are your only hope of stopping them before they can storm your fortress.
mprove your arsenal by spending the coins you earn throughout the game on new weapons and stronger defenses. This will aid you in your fight against the zombies and in defending your fortress.
you'll have access to unique skills that can be used to either defend yourself from the undead or wipe out large hordes of them. Airstrikes, mines, and other devastating weapons are examples.
Survive as long as possible against an endless horde of zombies in the game's survival mode, available in addition to the regular gameplay.

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