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PUBG is the abbreviated name of the game (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) or (PUBG), which took top places in the ratings and scored a record number of players. Game PUBG (Battleground) - online multiplayer shooter in the mode "every man for himself" or "royal battle". The game is a survival simulator in the real world, where as many as 100 players enter at the same time and they all fight for their lives. Only one player can win and must be the last one standing.

Each match in this game starts with all players flying in an airplane and then each of them can jump out on the move and then land on the battlefield with a parachute. There are different maps in the game, but all of them are limited in terms of the territory where players can conduct firefights. Each map has a limited area for hostilities. Each player must first find a secluded place to hide, then find a weapon and start the fight for survival.

After a while, the playing area begins to shrink, forcing players to gather in the center of the map and decide who will be the winner. From time to time, players have to change their position in order not to find themselves in another trap, this is a mortar attack zone that appears randomly in different places on the map.

To deserve victory, you will have to work hard to find weapons, ammunition and other uniforms. It is best to take a sniper rifle and find a secluded place to shoot enemies. Surviving to the very end will not be easy, because the further the battle goes, the stronger and smarter the remaining opponents will be. At the end of each battle, players receive in-game currency that can be freely spent on various upgrades, weapons, clothing, and other bonuses.

How to play?
Immediately after landing on the ground, look for weapons and ammunition. Look around to not let any enemy close to you. Having found weapons with weapons, you will already be able to defend and fight with the first enemies that come across on your way. Run around the map and look for buildings with a favorable location and a good view. Watch out for enemies from windows and shoot anyone you see. Better to kill first than be killed!

Gather more ammunition, first aid kits, energy and everything useful that can be useful for a long war and survival in the game "PUBG"! Will you be the last one standing and win? Let's play and check!


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