Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic

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In the new exciting game Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic you command a group
of heroes fighting various villains and monsters. There will be wars and
mages in your squad. With the help of a special control panel, which is
located at the bottom of the game field, you control their actions.
In front of you on the screen is an area where your opponents are.
With the help of the mouse you have to place your heroes in the given area.
After that, start making your moves and move them towards the enemy.
Once they reach the goal, the battle begins.
Your heroes must use their weapons and magic to destroy the enemy.
For this you get points in the game Raid Heroes:
Sword and Magic and you get to the next level of the game.
- Choose a hero you like more!
- Explore and improve artifacts: knives, swords, bow and arrow.
- Clash your band of heroes with the army of zombies, rogues, orcs, pirates and assassin.
- Defend your township from other players.
- Develop and protect a castle in your township.
- Choose a target and attack a castle of another player.
- Clash your hero band with the squads of other players in the player vs player (pvp) arena and become a champion!
- The story about the big war consists of 3 episodes. Each episode is full of interesting story twists.
- Fetch rewards and tap tap tap to upgrade your knight, assassin or another hero. They are already not idle heroes, they are legends of the arena! ;)

The goal of the game is to gather the best squad of heroes to complete the storyline raid to the end and defeat other players in the tournament.
Collect 5 cards of the hero to recruit him.
To attack a squad of opponents in the raid, click on it or on the FIGHT button. On the battlefield, arrange your heroes in the desired order and click on the FIGHT button. If necessary, you can also set the speed of movement for each hero. To do this, click on the hero and turn the slider.






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