The Smurfs Skate Rush

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In the village where the Smurfs live today is a big event. Our funny characters will hold a skateboard racing competition. In The Smurfs Skate Rush, you will help your character practice riding a skateboard before the competition. In front of you on the screen will be visible to your character, who will stand on a skateboard. On a signal, he will gradually pick up speed and rush forward. Look carefully at the road. Deftly maneuvering on the road, you will have to go around various kinds of obstacles or jump over them at speed. On the way, you will have to help Smurf collect gold coins, for which you will be given points in The Smurfs Skate Rush game.

Use the up arrow to skate up the ramps and over the logs, or grind across the rails. Tap the down arrow to duck and slide under the wooden signs.


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