Among us Map

Among Us is a popular multiplayer game that has captured the hearts of gamers around the world. One of the key features of the game is its various maps, which provide players with different environments and challenges to explore. In this article, we will take a closer look at the maps of Among Us and what makes them unique.

The Skeld

The Skeld is the original map in Among Us and features a spaceship with several different rooms for players to explore. The ship has a reactor, engine room, security, and more, all of which offer unique tasks for players to complete. The Skeld is the most popular map among players and is the go-to map for many beginners.

Mira HQ

Mira HQ is a headquarters map that features a more compact layout than The Skeld. The map has fewer rooms but is still challenging due to its unique design. The map features a laboratory, a launchpad, and a greenhouse, among other locations. Mira HQ is known for its narrow corridors and tight spaces, which can make it difficult for players to navigate.

The Airship

The Airship is the newest map in Among Us and is also the largest. The map features a grand airship with multiple levels and rooms, each with its own set of tasks. The airship has a cargo bay, a vault, a kitchen, and a viewing deck, among other areas. The map is known for its many different ways to get from one location to another, which can make it challenging for players to keep track of their surroundings.


Polus is a snowy planet map that features a base with several different rooms and outdoor areas. The map has a laboratory, a boiler room, and a communications center, among other locations. Polus is known for its unique outdoor areas, which can be used by imposters to quickly move around the map and avoid being detected.

Each map in Among Us has its own set of challenges and tasks for players to complete. Some maps are more challenging than others, while some offer unique ways for players to move around and complete tasks. To succeed in Among Us, players must be familiar with each map and use their knowledge to their advantage.

In conclusion, the maps of Among Us offer a unique and exciting gameplay experience for players. Whether you are exploring the Skeld, navigating the tight corridors of Mira HQ, or exploring the grand airship, there is always something new to discover and explore. So, if you haven't already, try out the different maps in Among Us and experience the thrill of this popular online multiplayer game.