What is Among Us characters

There are several characters in Among Us, each with their own unique appearance and color scheme. The characters are:

  1. Red - Red is one of the most iconic characters in Among Us, with a bright red spacesuit and a matching red hat.

  2. Blue - Blue is another popular character in Among Us, with a bright blue spacesuit and a blue hat.

  3. Green - Green is a popular choice for players who want to blend in with the game's various green backgrounds. Green has a green spacesuit and a green hat.

  4. Pink - Pink is a cute and feminine character with a bright pink spacesuit and a matching pink hat.

  5. Orange - Orange is a fun and playful character with a bright orange spacesuit and a matching orange hat.

  6. Yellow - Yellow is a cheerful and optimistic character with a bright yellow spacesuit and a matching yellow hat.

  7. Black - Black is a mysterious and dark character with a black spacesuit and a black hat.

  8. White - White is a clean and pristine character with a white spacesuit and a white hat.

  9. Purple - Purple is a regal and elegant character with a purple spacesuit and a purple hat.

  10. Cyan - Cyan is a cool and calm character with a cyan spacesuit and a cyan hat.

Each character in Among Us has the same abilities and gameplay mechanics, but their unique appearances make them stand out from one another. Players can customize their characters' appearance by changing their hats and pets, which adds to the game's overall fun and playful nature.